How to Throw the Perfect Kid’s Pizza Party

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January 11, 2020
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When it comes time to host a kids’ special event, you can never go wrong with a pizza party. And not only does St. Angelo’s “make your own pizza” parties allow kids to make personal pizzas, but we also provide super fun toppings so that they can create their own combinations, from classic to bizarre! Read on for a few other tips to make the day special.  


Put your smartphone to good use to make invitations easy, both for you to send, and for your guests’ parents to accept. Numerous apps are available for different types of digital platforms, whether it’s Paperless Post®, Evite™ or the platform you like most.

Make sure to look for a party invitation app that gives you plenty of room on the invites for such things as start and end times, and what other food options might be available in case of allergies.


For your child, a party comprised of nothing more than friends and fun will be all they need to make the day special, not an artfully-designed centerpiece, or Pinterest-style cake. While some parents genuinely enjoy putting together such Instagram-ready shindigs, the majority end up realizing that they’re sacrificing precious time with the birthday boy or girl.

Streamline your party elements when it comes to the menu and decorations. Along with pizza, a store-bought cake is just fine, while balloons and a few streamers are more than enough to add a festive touch for kids.

And restrict your plans to one or two fun activities, allowing plenty of time for kids to end up in “free play” if they’d rather run around instead of being on a rigid schedule.


The younger the kids, the more they’ll appreciate having a fun activity or two. Be ready after kids arrive with an icebreaker game to start things off. They can decorate their own party hats with provided crayons and stickers, or perhaps color on a big “Happy Birthday” sign, which you can hang up when they’re done. Games like musical chairs or hot potato also keeps things going and helps with shyness.


Well, the co-star, anyway! St. Angelo’s pizza-making experience provides each child with their own personal pizza ingredients, including tons of fun toppings. They’ll even be given their own chef’s hat and place-mat to decorate.

St. Angelo’s pizza-making parties even provide snacks to munch on while the kids’ pies are baking, along with dessert options, should you need them.


Contact us today to ask about our famous St. Angelo’s pizza-making events on the Vinings patio. It’s available for parties and special events, plus you can decorate and set it up to match your child’s unique style!