How St. Angelo’s Began: Family. Pizza. Friends.

How St. Angelo’s Began: Family. Pizza. Friends.

How St. Angelo's Began: Family. Pizza. Friends.

At St. Angelo’s Pizza, we’re not just a restaurant; we’re a place where families can enjoy each other’s company, laugh and, of course, eat a delicious meal together. As a small, family-owned business, we value our customers and understand the importance of spending family time together. Our motto “Family. Pizza. Friends.” says it all! Our owner, Sean Rowe, tells all about our motto and how you’ll be treated like one of the gang at our pizzeria!

What Does “Family. Pizza. Friends.” Mean to You? How Did You Settle on This Motto?

That’s a great question. Our original motto was “Pizza, Wings, and More.” However, after about our 10th anniversary in 2014, we had become so much more than that. We realized that what made the restaurant so successful (and soon to be the 85th busiest independent pizzeria in the US), was the family atmosphere, great food and a place for friends to come together.

Why is “Family” Important to St. Angelo’s?

I grew up in the pizza business, and my family has always been surrounded by pizza shops. All three of my uncles have owned shops as well as two of my cousins. My great-uncle opened his first pizza shop in 1974 on Grand Island, New York in the Ame’s Plaza. The island has about 15000 residents wedged between Niagara Falls, where I was born, and Buffalo. I would work there in the summertime for about $20/week. I would help prep, clean and occasionally they would let me spin pies and make wings on a busy night. So, the pizza business is family to me. That’s why “Family” was the first word in the motto. It’s our family, and now it includes my wife and sons as well.

Why is “Pizza” Important to St. Angelo’s?

Pizza is, of course, the second word in our motto but it is also the center of our logo. Everything we are, our fan base, success, etc. is because of the quality of the pizza. Our recipes are a combination of 50 years of pizza experience. From our handmade dough to the house marinara, everything is original.  I have tweaked a few things over the years, but we are constantly trying to improve what we do.  I lived in Rome, Italy for a couple of years and experienced great pizza, so every now and again I add a specialty pizza as a sort of homage to the “my home away from home.”

At St. Angelo's Pizza, we're not just a restaurant; we're a place where families can enjoy each other's company, laugh and, or course, eat a delicious meal together. As a small, family-owned business, we value our customers and understand the importance of spending family time together.

Why are “Friends” Important to St. Angelo’s?

This is the final leg of the three-legged stool. We are constantly reminded that St. Angelo’s is the “Cheers” of the Vinings/Smyrna area. Friends meet up for Trivia two nights a week or like last night, we had dozens of families meet for Family Night and sit together. It is a very festive atmosphere and friends, making new friends, or running into old ones is the straw that stirs the drink. Not a day goes by that we don’t witness someone recognizing an old friend or organic conversations between friends who didn’t know that they dined there. It’s wild.

How Do You Exemplify the Ideas of “Family,” “Pizza,” and “Friends” in Everything You Do at St. Angelo’s?

One is our value statement, which we have posted at the St. Angelo’s Experience.

“Our dedicated family provides this great community an unforgettable neighborhood place to connect with your friends and family to have fun and to feel at home. It’s everything to us.”

What Would You Say to Encourage Your Readers to Engage in The Ideals of Your Motto?

I think that we have realized that so much of life now is experiential.  What do I mean? It is experience we crave anymore…not things. Kids grow up eating at St. Angelo’s. They are joined by family, great pizza and will always be surrounded by friends. I remember how much I enjoyed Shakey’s pizza growing up because you could watch the guys toss pizza in the viewing window. We hand out dough to the kids so they can have fun. St. Angelo’s becomes a part of people’s lives, and it’s a place you always stop by and when friends or family visit, you bring them as well. It’s much bigger than me now. It’s a phenomenon.

At St. Angelo’s, You’re Family

Whether you’re looking for a quick meal or a place to spend time with your family, St. Angelo’s is the go-to spot! When you dine in with us, you’ll not only share a great meal with family, but you’ll build your relationships and create memories. Our motto encourages family time because it’s what we do best. Join our family!



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