Family Tops All at St. Angelo’s

Family Tops All at St. Angelo’s

Family Tops All at St. Angelo's

“Family” is the first word in our motto, and for a good reason! As a family-owned business, spending time with our family and the families in the community brings us great joy. We’ve experienced many firsts at our restaurant and we look forward to continuing to serve our community. Our previous blog covered our motto, but now it’s time to dive deep into the “Family” aspect.

Can You Share Some Examples of Family Landmarks That St. Angelo’s has Been a Part of?

I can think of two quick examples. One of our long-time customers, the Kitchin’s, a great family in the neighborhood, had their daughter try her first slice of pizza at St. Angelo’s. She had eaten baby food, but her first taste away from that was a cheese slice. We’ll never forget that.

We also hire from time to time, kids who grew up eating at the restaurant. Once they are in high school, they want to earn money so take them in and train them. It’s always a blast for me because a few of them I remember as toddlers and now they are answering the phones on a busy Friday night.

Do You Have Any Stories About Your Family and Their Involvement with St. Angelo’s?

My boys, William (14) and Harrison (12), grew up in the pizza business. They earn money weekly helping out with odd jobs such as window cleaning, sweeping, etc. We are not ready to put them in the busy kitchen yet, but they have what it takes. My wife has been a huge help since the beginning. She is essentially Mama Bear for the restaurant. She also owns a Music Studio which teaches music lessons to over 500 students, and we host their open mic nights occasionally which is always fun and packed.

We wouldn't be in business today if it wasn't for family, and pizza. Visit us for your next dinner and start creating memories that will last forever

How Do You and Your Staff Go Out of Your Way to Make Families Feel Welcome and Part of the St. Angelo’s Family When They Visit? Do You Do Anything to Encourage Customer Loyalty to Build a “Family” of Customers?

We have a loyalty program which earns ten percent off when you surpass $100 or points. But, more importantly, we have a great front of the house staff who greet our regulars and new customers like they are family. I am very proud of my servers who befriend so many of our customers. Again, it feels like home when you are at St. Angelo’s.

Family is Number One at St. Angelo’s

When you’re at St. Angelo’s, making memories is one of our top priorities! With all the hustle and bustle of the world today, we encourage spending as much family time together as possible. We wouldn’t be in business today if it weren’t for family and pizza. Visit us for your next dinner and start creating memories that will last forever!

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